May 28, 2009

Trimester kedua (14-28 minggu)

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Alhamdulillah, sekarang liya dah 16 minggu 4 hari pregnant.. tapi belum rasa baby gerak lagi (quickening) .. ada banyak minggu lagi before the delivery, perut pun semakin besar dan beberapa baju kurung dah takleh pakai sbb kain dah ketat.. ataupun agaknya liya dah naik badan sebelum mengandung kot .. hehe

berbanding dgn trimester pertama, liya dah tak muntah dah, cuma kadang-kadang je loya terutama bila pagi2 my mother in law masak utk suaminye.. pastu, mengidam pun ada.. asik nak makan masam2 je, kedondong la, pelam muda, jeruk pelam..

orang kata selalunya bila mengandung ni jadi lebih sensitif, cepat terasa.. so bagi yg dah sensitif tu kene jaga2 le.. bagi liya, ada la jugak sikit, tapi zuhdi dia bijak mengatasinya..cehh..

Senaman semasa mengandung

boleh ke bersenam masa mengandung? tak bahaya ke? kebanyakan org pikir macam tu, tapi sebenarnya bersenam masa mengandung ni bagus untuk menguatkan otot dan memudahkan bersalin.. antara senaman yang dibolehkan macam berjalan, berenang dan berbasikal statik, dalam rumah atau gim. so senaman2 ni semua tak membahayakan ibu dan kandungan, contohnya kalau joging boleh menyebabkan jatuh. liya senam ke tak? hehe.. adalah jugak sikit2, berjalan time shopping kat alamanda, pastu gi swimming sikit, walaupun tak berapa pandai berenang.

Amalan ibu mengandung

masa awal2 mengandung liya beli buku Amalan Ibu Mengandung oleh Ustzh Siti Nor Bahyah.. buku ni sangat bagus dan merangkumi semua aspek mengandung daripada memilih pasangan hinggalah berpantang.. antara yang menarik, hubungan ibu bapa dan perangai ketika mengandung mempengaruhi karakter anak. contohnya ibubapa yg sering bersedekah hati anak akan menjadi lembut, ibu yg sering membaca al-quran, anak akan jadi bijak.. tapi kalau ibubapa yg suka bergaduh, anak jadi ganas dan panas baran.

selain tu amalan rohani pun penting terutama bagi ibu.. banyakkan membaca Al-quran, terutama surah Yusuf, Luqman, Maryam.. ni peringatan untuk diri liya jugak.. cuti dah lama tapi tak banyak bende yg dibuat, manusia sering leka bila dia banyak masa lapang kan..

kemudian banyakkan berdoa agar anak sentiasa dipelihara Allah di dalam kandungan, agar dapat anak yang soleh.. insya Allah.

May 2, 2009

Two good news.. alhamdulillah..

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There were many things happened in the last two months and i was very busy till i got no time to write new entry..  a continuation to my last entry, i mentioned that im nauseated, fever, and having diarrhoea.. surprisingly those symptoms were my first sign of pregnancy.. alhamdulillah, after praying for 6 months since my previous miscarriage, Allah give me and my husband this good news.. i really hope that my baby will grow in the womb and will be delivered safely this coming November, insyaAllah..

During my first trimester of pregnancy, i still have another posting Paediatrics to do, and a big exam Final Professional Exam to face before i graduate as a doctor.. despite having occasional nausea, vomiting and episodes of loss of appetite, thanks to Allah, i still can  study well and another good news i pass the final exam and become a doctor.. alhamdulillah.

Few weeks before my final exam were the toughest moment in my life, and with great stress. All that i had learned for the past 5 years will be tested in few theory exams and will be determined by 2 hours clinical exams.. sounds a bit unfair isn’t it? but that was the fact that have to be face as a medical students in Malaysia…

I was labelled as a distinction students by my lecturers and friends because i did quite well in most of the postings during my studies.. and they placed a big hope that i will get distinction too in my final MBBS exam.. unfortunately, i got a case of childhood obesity which i dont know much about it.. i did’nt expect that out of so many things that i revised for the final MBBS exam, the one that i didnot read that well caught me in the exam.. but im very grateful to Allah that i passed the exam..because i know that im not that well prepared and getting a distinction is not my aim.. my aim is i want to be a safe and competent Muslim doctors, insya Allah.

Maybe there is a big hikmah why i dont get distinction, maybe i will become an arrogant dr and think that i am better than any graduates because i got Honours.. or something like that..

To all my juniors who read this, study hard during each postings especially when you are in the major posting in year 5 and during ortho Y4.. because 2 weeks for revision is not enough.. so start early..

To all my friends who pass, congratulations to all the junior Doctors.. see you guys on Oath taking ceremony this Monday.. for those who don’t, take the 6 months oppportunity to learn more.. maybe you will become a better dr than me.. i remember one of our seniors said, i may fly late but i may fly higher..

I would like to thanks all my teachers from Y1 until Y5 who have always support me and pray for my success. I really hope that Allah will bless you for your efforts and place you in Jannah.. insya Allah.

Lastly, thanks to my beloved husband for his endless support.

March 6, 2009

Take benefit of health before you’re sick..

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Take benefit of five before five:
Your youth before your old age,

Your health before your sickness,

Your wealth before your poverty,

Your free-time before your preoccupation and

Your life before your death.

[Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam – Al-Haakim,
Al-Baihaqee: Saheeh]

This hadith is well known to most of us, it was even made into a nasheed by a popular nasheed group in Malaysia, Raihan.
I have been sick for the past 4 days, starting with 3 days of fever and runny nose, one day feeling nauseated, loss of appetite and followed by diarrhoea today.. i felt so weak, losing my appetite, i can’t even finish my meal.. always want to lie down and sleep..
during that sickness, i thought of many things that i wished to do when i was healthy, but i postponed them.. i thought, i want to do them latter.
when i became sick, i really wish that i am healthy.. so that i can clerk patient and examine them in the ward, and learn as much as i could..
then i remember the Hadith, take benefit of your health before your sickness..
so my friend, don’t make a waste of your time when you’re healthy.. use it to the maximum, don’t become like me.. please pray that i will recover soon, insya Allah

February 14, 2009

Red rose..

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i’m so touched.. yesterday when i reached home, my dear husband gave me a surprise with a red rose.. thank you sayang. we are not celebrating Valentine.. because for us everyday should be fill with love in a marriage..

romantic gifts, beautiful word or lovely cards are not exclusively for “hari Kekasih”.. we could give to our love ones the gift of our love anytime throughout the year to show our loves and thoughts even though there is no special occasions like anniversary, birthday etc.

The gifts need not necessarily have to be expensive or big but the thoughts that counts.. simple things like an e-cards or cute sms can create a smile on the person that we love.. cherish our relationship, and brings happiness to our life..

My husband once said to me, the most important things that matter to him is that i respect him.. i guess this is the most precious gift that a wife can give to the husband.. maybe most of u will ask, what do you mean by respect.. i think this link will give you the answer.. this is from the book  The Ideal Muslimah by Muhammad Ali al Hashimi

Today, i’m pretty sure that many of the Muslim are celebrating Valentine’s day.. do they know muslims are not allowed to celebrate this event.. or do they know what is the story behind it.. valentine day has relations with the history, tradition and teachings of the Christians.. it is the day to remember the death of St. Valentine.. what worries us is the way they celebrate it, usually there will be parties, mixing between men and women and even worst, extramarital sex (zina)..nauzubillah..

For more information on the hukum of celebrating Valentine’s day, u can check this link

February 4, 2009

Pengamalan manis..

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hari Sabtu minggu lepas liya join program usrah kat musolla block M3, lepas solat subuh and ma’thurat, ada sesi taaruf dgn akhawat lain, kene cakap nama, asal, course dan pengalaman manis.. so macam-macam la pengalaman manis yg di share oleh akhawat2 ni..

bagi liya pengalaman manis ada banyak sepanjang hampir 26 tahun diberi nikmat hidup oleh Allah ni.. tapi antara yang paling terkesan di hati adalah bila dikenalkan dengan usrah dan dakwah lebih kutang lima tahun dulu.. liya ada beberapa kawan kat matriks yang join usrah, tapi tak pernah terfikir yang liya pun akan join usrah.. detik permulaan mengenal tarbiyah adalah bila liya dikenalkan oleh ustazah liya masa kat darul quran dgn seorang lelaki yang kini alhamdulillah dah jadi suami liya 🙂 ..semua bermula masa kat matriks lagi.. masa tu usrah dgn ustazah hamidah mat.. terima kasih ustazah, sekarang ustazah kat durham..

pastu bila masuk kuantan, masa first year tak berapa ramai akhawat, tapi by each year jumlah meningkat dan alhamdulillah, rasa sgt seronok dapat berada dalam tarbiyah dan dakwah ni.. ukhuwah yang dirasakan memang susah nak cari.. apa yang merisaukan, bila dah grad nanti dan telah disibukkan dengan kerja, hospital dan oncall serta family, adakah liya masih mampu untuk terus berada di jalan ini..

banyak akhawat dan ikhwah yang aktif masa time balajar tapi bila dah grad, terus pudar sinarnya.. jadi liya harap diri ini dan rakan2 seperjuangan di uia, terus berusaha untuk tsabat di jalan dakwah..insya Allah 

Sweet memories bersama akhawat..

jaulah melaka

jaulah melaka

January 7, 2009

boikot barangan Yahudi dan US..

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klik link ni untuk senarai logo jenama dr Israel dan US. hari ni saja dah 500 rakyat Palestin terbunuh termasuk 100 kanak2.. bilakah keganasan ini akan berakhir??

January 6, 2009

pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestin!!

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lets pray to Allah, may He The Al-Mighty give victory to Palestin, may the Holy land protected from the evil hand of Yahudi laknatulllah..

to members of iium kuantan, lets join this demonstration.. show your support..

Himpunan Raksasa UIA Kuantan mengutuk kekejaman zionis Israel
Date: Friday (9/1/09)
Venue: in front of KOM
Theme: black and white

p/s: bawa sepanduk masing2 lg bagus.

November 13, 2008

Islamic point of view on embryonic stem cell transplantation

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This is what my friends had gathered and presented during our Islamic input lecture for Internal Medicine posting.


Allah says regarding the stages the fetus goes through:

((And indeed We created man (Adam) out of an extract of clay (water and earth). Thereafter We made him (the offspring of Adam) as a Nutfah (mixed drops of the male and female sexual discharge) (and lodged it) in a safe lodging (womb of the woman). Then We made the Nutfah into a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood), then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So blessed be Allah, the Best of creators. After that, surely, you will die. Then [again], surely, you will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection.)) (23:12-14)


1. Culture of human cell lines in the laboratory and experimentation on them for the purpose of organ transplantation to save human life is permissible and obligatory (fard kifayah) to pursue this research.

2. Scientists may use human cells derived from aborted fetuses, deemed not to be viable, or from tissues removed in the process of surgeries to cure diseases, as sources for cells to be used for research aiming at organ transplantation.

3. It is not permissible to induce fertilization of human sperm and ova, in any way or form, with the purpose of using the fertilized ova for research. However, additional embryos produced by IVF between husband and wife can be discarded or given for genetic research, provided not reached the stage of ‘alaqah’ (blastocyst).

4. Freezing and maintenance of sperms, ova and embryos should be supervised by a reliable Central authority managed by Muslim workers reliable in their faith and knowledge to secure the lineage

5. It is permissible to use cloning technology and genetic engineering to produce and introduce human genetic material into a human being aiming at curing illnesses provided that Syari’ah guidelines are not violated.

6. The same technology could be used to introduce healthy genetic material into ova, fertilized ova or fetuses, aiming at prevention or curing diseases. Provided that the rule of ‘no harm’ is applied and that the procedure is not used to interfere with the general (non pathological) human characteristics.



         Islamic Medical Resources – Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA)

         Guideliness on Stem Cell Research, Malaysia

         Keputusan Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan Bagi Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Malaysia Berkaitan Pengklonan Dan ART’ dated 22 February 2005 on page 11 )

         Islamic Medical Ethics Amidst Developing Biotechnologies  (Dr. Musa Mohd. Nordin FRCP, FAMM Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist, MALAYSIA ,President, Federation of Islamic Medical Associations)

         Stem Cell Research in Shari’ah Perspective – Islam

October 30, 2008

musim kahwin

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Sekarang ni bile dah naik final year, ramai batch liya yg dah kawin and bakal kawin.. yg dah kawin 10 org, yg bakal kawin pun ramai jugak,lepas pro lagi ramai, ni yg dah bgtau org lain.. tu yg tak termasuk yg masih berahsia..hehe, bulan 12 ni ada 3 jemputan kawin, and maybe 25 dec pun ade gak.. so total 4 weddings of my friends..

bile masuk umur 24, 25, dah mula kene pikir pasal kahwin, mak ayah pulak bising, bila lah anak aku ni nak kawin, especially kalau jd doctor ni, nanti mak ayah kata susah kalau dah jd doctor nak dapat pakwe.. takut jadi andartu la dan macam2 lagik.. so kahwin mmg rasa seronok, sbb dah jumpe teman hidup, tak payah pening2 lagi nak pikir dah settle satu step dlm hidup, tapi tanggungjawab yg bakal di pikul lepas kahwin tu besar, and actually persediaan mental and physical kene mantap before nak kawin.

my weeding day

my weeding day

macam2 cubaan kita akan hadapi lepas kahwin, kalau macam saya yg masih belajar, cubaan duduk berjauhan dgn suami, ada yg hadapi masalah kewangan, tak dapat anak, anak bermasalah, dan yg paling teruk adalah keruntuhan rumah tangga itu sendiri, nauzubillah.

so, bagi yg single, doalah agar dapat pasangan yg beriman dan dapat membimbing diri dan keluarga menuju ke syurga.. bagi yg dah kawin, kene byk mendidik diri untuk bersabar, bertolak ansur, dan memenuhi tanggungjawab, which is difficult unless you work hard for it or you have a very understanding husband (like my hubby :))

September 24, 2008

muhasabah di malam terakhir ramadhan

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hari ni dah 24 Ramadhan.. lagi 6 hari je bulan Ramadhan akan pergi meninggalkan kita, dan kita tak pasti adakah kita masih dipanjangkan umur oleh Allah untuk bertemu dgn Ramadhan tahun depan.. sedih rasanya, tapi lumrah manusia mesti ada rasa gembira bila nak habis puase, sbb lepas tu raya 🙂

jumaat lepas, liya muhasabah pasal Ramadhan dgn adik-adik usrah.. antara pertanyaan yg perlu kita tanya diri kita.. adakah madrasah Ramadhan ni berjaya membentuk jiwa kita.. ada perubahan tak kita ni sebelum, dan selepas ramadhan.. dan bolehkah kita maintain or istiqamah segala amalan yg kita dah buat di bulan Ramadhan ni.. dahla bulan ramadhan takde syaitan, so kalau kita malas beribadah, ponteng puasa or tinggal solat, mengumpat, maksudnya nafsu kita atau hati kita yg tak bersih kerana sebelum ramadhan, syaitan dah berjaya didik kita supaya patuh pada ajaran dia.. nauzubillah.

Antara situasi yg dibincangkan, contohnya, bulan puasa ni hari-hari baca Quran, tapi kenapa time tak puasa tak boleh buat.. ataupun.. bulan puasa ni solat subuh awal waktu sbb bgn sahur, berjemaah pulak tu.. masya Allah.. tapi kalau lepas puasa macam mana, boleh tak kita maintain.

Kita kene berusaha dalam malam-malam terakhir ramadhan ni untuk beribadah betul2, buang rasa malas.. hidupkan malam ramadhan dgn solat, iktikaf dan doa.. moga sama-sama kita dapat malam lailatul qadar.. insyaAllah.

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